Lexus Car Projection

In a display of video mapping, Perceptual collaborated with Spyglass for the launch of the new Lexus range at Auckland's Viaduct Event Centre. Perceptual's motion graphics content was fed into Spyglass's 'Delta' uncompressed playback system and mapped thru 4 Christie projectors in a 2.5 minute show to launch the new Lexus GS range.

Visuals crew
Jon Baxter, Puck Murphy, Matt Pitt, Liana van Rensburg, Dvir Gilboa

Sound lay up / effects
Mike Hodgson

Conceptualisation / Technical Design
Spyglass Group Ltd, Scott Davis

Creative Producer
Tammy Cheung

Spyglass Crew (Projection & Playback)
Phil Lovell, Paul Stephenson, Dylan Graham, Siti Katoa, Tom Vallance

Lexus wrapped in lycra, reading for projecting onto