Installations & Events

NZ Pavilion

For NZ’s pavilion at the 2012 Frankfurt Bookfair we created the 20 minute immersive video experience to play across twelve 5 metre square screens. We broke all previous Guest of Honour attendance records with more than 90,000 people queueing to see inside our pavilion over the weekend when the fair was opened to the public, and over 200,000 viewing the show throughout the week.
WINNER: Spatial Communication award at the Festival of Animation in Stuttgart

This video is a 3 minute cutdown of the live 20 minute show as performed in Frankfurt.

Building 12 5metre high screen's in Frankfurt

Commissioned by
Ministry of Culture and Heritage
A Patterson Inside Out Joint Venture

Creative Directors
Mike Mizrahi, Marie Adams


AV Director
Jon Baxter

AV Producer
Mike Hodgson

Sound Design
Mike Hodgson

Peter Hobbs, The Beatworms

Flame Artists
Jon Baxter, Hannah Walker, Mike Robinson

3d Animation
Glenn Wilson

Design and Animation
Johnny Lyon

Nic Fay, Jon Baxter

Timelapse Photography
Joseph Michael, Nic Faye, Bevan Percival